Author Feature - January 2022

Hello, my name is Alan Bedworth, I'm 65 years old and retired. I live in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, England, where I have  lived all my life. I attended Castleford Grammar School from 1967 to 1971 where  I left school at 15, with no qualifications, yet started work straightaway.  My job was as a junior salesman for Burtons the tailors in Pontefract, which is about 3 miles from home. I stayed there from 1971 to 1977 then I took my redundancy.

1977 was a year that changed my life completely. I went into engineering at R.H.P. Bearing Company. Not only was it a different industry, but it was where I met my future wife. My social life also changed. After watching Rugby League all my life, I decided to play the game. I did manage to get a trial at Wakefield Trinity but I wasn't good enough. Redundancy ended my time at RH.P. in 2,000 after 23 years. I then did a stint in Warehousing for 9 years, before again being put out of work. Upon I found some more Warehouse work until ill-health forced me to leave. I'm now retired and disabled.

About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to learn to sing. I found a local singing tutor by the name of Georgina Hill-Brown. This lady gave me so much confidence that not only did I gain my first ever diploma for singing, it's for Musical Theatre grade 2 which I passed with Distinction. While having singing lessons, I was encouraged to try writing whether it be songs or poems. I recorded my own song mainly through a challenge to write a funny song. Which I did with the title A Funny song, again thanks to Georgina for recording in her studio, and thanks to her partner Simon Wilby for providing the music. You can find the video at

I've since stopped singing due to the covid situation, but I've continued to write and in July managed to publish my first book. Reach out to purchase




I heard you sobbing,

when you thought no-one was there.

I know the pain and sorrow,

you're going through again.

Hold on to your faith in mankind.

There's good to be found all around.

I understand your hearts breaking,

but believe me you're not alone.

I'm trying to send you happiness

in looking for love in the right place.

Destiny and fate are awaiting you,

wanting you in love and all that amounts.

Now my love I've got to go, 

I wish I could hold you so.

Yet being in Heaven and watching you

is the best that I can do.



They generally say yesterday has gone,

look forward to today and the future.

But surely things of yesterday 

shape your future.   

That's where all your memories are.  

Forgetting yesterday can't work

how do we learn from our mistakes.

Perhaps those not wanting yesterdays

have ulterior motives for not

advocating past memories.


I'm sorry I am who I am

due to my yesterdays.

Understanding memories of family

and friends have developed

the person you see in front of you.

In my conclusion memories

and yesterdays have a place 

in our society.

How to love and forgive was

learnt in all our yesterdays.



So many words 

have been written, 

about the face of a

pure English Rose.

Yet when you meet

this special girl,

all those words

lose their meaning.

Oh yes it's true

the skin is so soft

to the touch, it's the

colour that's so alluring.

When you hold her face

in your hands, it feels

like pure china.

So fragile to your touch.

Even as she gets older,

that bloom seems to

last forever, her cheekbones

accentuates that fragility.

So when you read any words

of an English Rose, they pale

into insignificance, until you

hold and see this fragility.