Author Feature - December 2021

ABIGAIL YARDIMCI is an author of uplifting fiction with a little bit of romance and a whole lot of soul.

She is also a painter and mindfulness practitioner - a Geordie girl living by the sea in South Devon with her Turkish husband and two terrifying kids. She loves to blog and gets her kicks through mindful parenting styles, creative living and chocolate.

Abigail’s writing inspiration comes from scratching the surface of everyday life to find the underlying magic that connects us all. The fire beneath the frustration, the creativity beneath the boredom, the stillness beneath the chaos.

The Life Is Yours trilogy is the ultimate in feel good fiction – telling the story of how one woman unwittingly transforms the grief and torment of heartbreak into the most magical time of her life. All three books are now available on Amazon: Life Is Yours (Book 1), Destiny Is Yours (Book 2) and Everything Is Yours (Book 3).






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Excerpt from Everything Is Yours

Chapter 5 – The Pub

I was met by worried expressions and dead stares and a few beats of silence, so I asked Jack about how he was, I asked Dean about his shopping trip with Vicky as it seemed nobody else was capable of starting an actual conversation. What did they expect me to do? Spontaneously combust? Then I saw Jack’s eyes flit upwards and behind me and his expression changed from mild worry to downright panic. I knew before I even turned around who was standing there.


Right. This was it.

A genuine smile rose up from somewhere deep inside and I turned my head to see her standing there. “Hi Katy!” Her hair was gleaming and golden. Her cheeks as pink and rounded as I remembered them. I stood up to hug her as I would anybody else whose pub I had been to a thousand times.

But when I hugged her, I noticed something I had most definitely not been expecting. Trembling. I mean she was properly shaking like a leaf. I could have never, in a million years, predicted that Katy would be the one to show vulnerability right now. We were on her patch. In her pub. She had her man there and her friends and I think even her dad was sat close by supping a pint. Out of all the scenarios I could have conjured in my head to imagine this moment, this would not have been one of them.

Wasn’t I the one who should have been shaking?

Shouldn’t I have been the one unable to speak?

I checked in with my body and found a different story there. A story where compassion and acceptance and wisdom took the leads. A story where my body softened and my heart slowed and my willingness to hold another woman in need overwhelmed everything else.  

So I held Katy for far longer than I would have done otherwise. I held her long enough to hear the breath rattling in her body and feel the tremor rumbling from inside, and long enough for me to whisper the only words that felt right, “It’s okay, Katy. It’s okay.”