Author Feature - April 2020

Abby Kay is the nom de plume of Ms. Kiona Assing. Kiona is a certified project manager with a background in civil engineering. She is a business owner, tutor, and coach; however, she has always harboured a love for writing and the arts.


This debut collection was borne from years of poetic musing, starting on her blog at, and being catalyzed by the abundance of emotions of being in the troughs of a pandemic.

Her natural inner joy is always multiplied when mixed with good food, great music, dance and loving friends and family.


Scarlet Ibis Publishing House Limited is a newly formed micro publishing company which is based in the twin isle republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Its focus will be taking the works of Caribbean authors to an international audience while maintaining a strong Caribbean base and identity. Scarlet Ibis Publishing House aims to aid Caribbean authors in their pursuit of becoming published through, author services, hybrid and traditional publishing options.

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I'm in danger of losing myself in you

but it’s the safest feeling that I’ve ever known.

All emotions are heightened when you’re near.

Yet, the world is the calmest that I’ve ever felt.

It feels like a whirlwind that happened over centuries. The feeling just came and swept me away

Yet my soul has known you for a hundred years.

One day we’re just being,

Just enjoying each other’s company,

The next I’m waking

Terrified from a nightmare where my world is in disarray

From a dream where you took your love away.

I’ve never known a more peaceful feeling

than sitting breathing the same air you’re breathing.

When we touch, lightning strikes

and is instantly grounded.

And our love, I pray

Will be forever bonded.


Left again
Stranded again
Abandoned again
Unloved again
Used again
Feeling stupid again

Tired of wasting time

and money again
Only to be left alone again
Don’t want to be angry again
Or bitter again
Don’t want a void where emotions were again
Don’t want to feel empty again

So now, strong in my weakness, I stand again


Shoulders back,
Chin up,
Chest out,


My heart quickens,

My skin tingles

as anticipation

shortens my breath

Pushing my chest out

so the feel of lace against my skin

Hardens my nipples.


All it took was a look.


Your look:




It holds me captive.


You move closer,

Holding my eyes,

And I burn from yearning.

 Then you smile,

And, oh, that smile,

Full of mischief,

Hinting at a joke known only by you

But I can feel it too.

It makes me smile.


My body relaxes

And I let out the breath I didn't realize I was



Your hand reaches out, touches my fingers.

A light touch.

You hold my hand

And captured my soul.


Your eyes never leave mine.

Your thumb traces soft circles on the back of my hand

And then caresses upward along my arm.


Every hair on my body stands on edge

by the time your hand comes

to rest on my shoulder.

You stroke my throat.

The smile is gone

But the passion in your eyes remains.


I'm breathless.


You lean in and nothing

else in the world exists.

My head tilts up,

Your forehead touches mine

And rests there briefly.


My eyes close.

The electricity between us, sparks to a full flame

As you close the gap and bring your lips to mine.


I feel the warmth,

The moisture.

I taste mint on your breath.

My soul becomes joined with yours.


When we move apart

Everything is different.

I've never felt anything like this.

That kiss